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Antoinette P.

Hey y’all! Antoinette Here! I’m the proud CEO of Cycle N’ Tone, as well as an instructor! Above many things, my love for fitness and soca has motivated me to create Cycle N’ Tone! I love, love, love teaching and helping people live A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE through cycling to some sweet music!


Michelle B.

probably cycling right now, but my bio is coming soon!

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Melissa S.

If you have not gotten the chance to ride with me I’m Melissa. I’ve been a die hard indoor cyclist for almost 7 years now. Schwinn certified & teaching for 4 years now. Cycle & Tone allows express my Guyanese roots riding to the beat of sweet Soca. Music & resistance is so essential, it takes your endurance to a whole other level.

-Good Rides, Good Vibes!

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Natalie N.

Hey y’all, my name is Natalie Nicholls! Born and raised in Scarborough, I grew up in a part Armenian, part Trinidadian household. I studied Acting for Camera & Voice and pursued musical theatre for a few years but found my true passion for food led me to getting certified as a Health & Weight Loss Coach. I continuously strive to live a clean, balanced and holistic lifestyle but never refuse my sweets! Outside of work, I foster at-risk youth which has it’s fair share of challenges, but the rewards make it worth it. Being apart of Cycle N’ Tone’s team has been one of the biggest highlights of my fitness career, and has allowed me to express myself creatively and push our clients to their highest potential! Join me because I’m here to cheer you on and elevate the overall workout experience!


Melissa B.

Although she lives in a big city, Melissa is an island girl at heart. She grew up with exposure to Caribbean music, and finding that fusion of spin culture and Caribbean music was an instant connection for her when she first began classes with Cycle N Tone in March 2018. Needless to say, she was hooked from the beginning! Being able to combine her love of soca and reggae music with fitness is what motivated her to keep coming back every week. She always knew she wanted to get more involved with Cycle N Tone one day beyond just attending classes. She joined the Cycle N Tone instructor team in January 2019 and is loving the opportunity to motivate and lead clients through their workouts, regardless of what their personal goals are, even if it’s just to have a good time while spinning to some great music.


Mykael B.

probably cycling right now, but my bio is coming soon!



Rocky is the name and building bodies is my game!

I’m a part time cycling instructor at Cycle N’ Tone Pickering and occasional the SCARBOROUGH location!

I’m here to empower, support and push you to your limits! Nothing makes me happier than inspiring someone to be a better version of themselves! Always remember “You are worth the ride “ and I’m here to help you FIND YOUR STRONG!!

See you in class! I’m ready to make you WUKK!

XO - Rocky Rawse


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