BREAK THE CYCLE! Be Your Own Boss.

As seen on National TV, Cycle N' Tone is the first cycling studio of its kind in Canada! Dimmed lighting, soca and dancehall are a few of the things that set us apart from everyone else! Our members and new comers describe Cycle N’ tone as the most fun, stress-relieving and rewarding workout they have ever done. 

Cycle N’ Tone is the FIRST soca/dancehall soca in the WORLD that offers licensing opportunities! In under ONE year, we have grown to 4 successful studios across the GTA and have goals to expand to multiple locations Canada wide in 2019! 

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Cycle N’ Tone’s 2 Ownership Models

The Owner-Manager Duo

You can become a Cycle N’ Tone owner while maintaining your own occupation or job. In this model, you work closely with a dedicated manager to create an unexplainable experience for members and a return on investment for both you, and the manager. 

Owner Operator 

You can own and operate your own Cycle N’ Tone studio. This model is perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to do what they’re destined for - changing people’s live and creating a life of financial financial freedom. 

On-Going Support

Cycle N' Tone’s team is made up of marketing managers, brand consultants, business plan professionals and thought leaders with a plethora of experience in the franchise industry. 


  • The FIRST Studio Of It’s Kind: Cycle N’ Tone combines indoor cycling with the hottest soca/dancehall music, allowing members to have fun while working out - with a strong focus on posture and results. Classes range from 30 mins to 1 hour, and are lead by energetic, certified instructors. 

  • LOW Overhead: The ideal studio only requires a minimum of 1,100 square feet of space. 

  • LOW Start-Up Costs: Total average overall investment is only $40,000 - $65,000. Compared to other other cycling studios that require investments of over $250,000. We have created a LOW startup, HIGH return model. 

Never-Ending Guidance & Support

Choose Your Location

We help you select the ideal studio and negotiate the lease for your new Cycle N’ Tone location. 

Pre-Launch Training

We will train you on everything you need to know to ensure a seamless, successful opening. 

Pre-Launch Marketing

With our marketing techniques, you can generate both income and brand awareness before your studio even opens! Our pre-launch campaign includes the sale of passes, creation of professional videos/pictures and more!

The BEST Training Camp

5 day training camp with a Cycle N’ Tone leader to provide with all of the knowledge you need to be profitable and succeed!

Dedicated On-Going Support

Sales/Marketing Support

Without a good sales process, marketing is useless. And without good marketing, you’ll have nothing to sell. This is why we have  strong focus on both sakes and marketing campaigns. We will show you how to not only pull in hundreds of new comers PER month, but also how to convert them into happy, paying members. 

Constant Fitness Challenge Ideas & Workouts

Fitness challenges do a great job with acquiring new clients, and ensuring every class is different will do a great job with retaining clients. We send you challenge and workout ideas on a daily basis. 

Turn Key CRM System

Cycle N’ Tone’s system tracks your growth, increases conversions and is very simple to use. 

Our Proven Business Model

Cycle N’ Tone is by far one of the most fun, rewarding workouts ever. Our proven business model offer a blueprint for continuous growth and success.

✔ Our model is simple to follow.

✔ Fitness is a $30 billion industry.

✔ We are the FIRST and ONLY studio of its kind

There is no other soca/dabceh based cycling studio in Canada, and we are proud be the first!



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